Natalie Capell

July 10 at 12:00 noon Natalie Capell will present during the 080 Barcelona Fachion Week her new spring and summer collection full of colors, awakening the magic that characterizes her brand …

Natalie Capell’s created her brand in 2002 in Barcelona.
Her which is an extension fo her workshop in the Born, takes visitors back to a different time and environment. Her dresses transcend time, are amlleable and transparent and are made of hand embroidered fabrics.

«Feminine beauty has a space in which every woman is beautiful in her own way.
I think that clothes can be simple and sublime at the same time »

Capell, with her designs, obtains a timeless look and an elegant femininity and offers a new proposal from the belief that beauty comes from a hidden place in ones self
The workshop specializes in handmade embroidery that gives the clothes the appearance of a piece of jewelry, extolling the seams with sophistication and allowing, together with the use of soft and ductile fabrics a cut that is made of clean lines and few stitches.

«I think there’s a dress made for you in which you are comfortable and highlights your femininity and your unique beauty. Usually we do not need too many words. Clients try on the dresses and we both understand … «Natalie Capell 080 Spring Summer